Why Use RFID Laundry Tags In The Laundry Market?

By attaching tiny RFID laundry tags to linens, they can be easily identified in the workflow, resulting in increased efficiency, reduced textile losses and increased profits.

Which Industries Do We Provide?

HUAYUAN keep developing and producing reliable and durable RFID laundry tags to satisfy laundry industry transparent tracing and tracking management system requirement, by a serial of laundry RFID products, millions tags had been applied day and night involving in many specific laundry applications: healthcare, hospitality, textile manufacturer.

What Textile Assets Can Be Identified and Tracked?

HUAYUAN had extensive laundry RFID products portfolio ideally fit for textile, linen, gown and clothing for patients and staffs, military uniform and workwear collection and distribution will always find a right RFID laundry tags from ours.

Our Products

HUAYUAN offers series of RFID laundry transponder and reader device for the industry laundry management and covering flat linen, workwear, fashion garment and mats & mops.