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HUAYUAN had focused on RFID industry for 20+ years, experienced in developing and producing thousands of Auto-ID products and projects, covering a wide range of industrial automation, retail, logistics, medical, access control, cashless payment, mining, transportation, documents certificates, event management and various RFID applications.

HUAYUAN specialized in various forms of customized RFID encapsulation for comprehensive scenario, including antenna design, silicon chip package, and finished products packaging design, installation design, for various complex application environments.

A RFID Product reliability is the crucial to ensure the whole application system can works effortless and enduringly, the requires design and execution of the quality control process from product design, batch processing, and strict production processes.

In addition, as a data carrier, HUAYUAN can proceed variable data pre-programming in RFID chips, visible data printing, barcode or QR data printing for 100% inspection before delivery.

It is believed that RFID is becoming increasingly important and widely used in conjunction with IT management systems and to complement the overall application of the Internet of Things and industrial automation.

While there are some standard design forms for RFID products, we have a deep know how of and the ability to customize them for a variety of complex and demanding applications, keeping pace with the rapid development of information systems from virtual data to the dynamic linkage of physical assets being tracked.

We are more than willing to share our global industry experience with you, and if you provide a detail specific application scenario, purpose and application target requirements, we will provide you advice on our solutions. Welcome your communication with us if you have any RFID enquiry.

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HUAYUAN RFID Linen Tag for Textile Identification


  • HUAYUAN RFID are research and develop RFID laundry tag since 15 years ago.
  • Our PPS RFID laundry tag over molding HF RFID tag have been applied on an European country military uniform 12 years ago, the tag is same as a garment button guarantee 5 years using, over 200 times laundering.
  • From 2015 it take us 3 years for developing textile UHF RFID linen tag, from 2019 our laundry tag had been finalized after thousand times test.
  • The capacity of our laundry tag production is up to 100K pieces tag per day. And we had offered for testing and evaluating in Japanese, Germany, USA, even Chinese client as well.
  • In 2020, our laundry tags have been produced for over 10 million tag 90% of them were export to USA, Japan and Europe.

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