UHF RFID Wäschemarke für den Verleih von Uniformen

The use of UHF RFID laundry tags to help linen rental operations and customers control costs is becoming more common über alle Branchen hinweg..

Die RFID Technologie ebnet den Weg für das Wäschemanagement in Einrichtungen des Gesundheitswesens, Einige Krankenhäuser in Europa haben sich für den Einsatz von intelligenten Schränken oder raumbasierten Lösungen zur Verwaltung von Kitteln und Arbeitskleidung entschieden. Wir haben eine dramatische Verlagerung von wartungsintensiven Systemen wie Förderanlagen zu automatisierten RFID-Lösungen beobachtet.

Wäschemanagement ohne RFID

In Venne, Niedersachsen, Germany, Ulrike Caselato’s nursing home, relies on manageable processes and controlled quality of cleaning. She prefers small local laundries to large, well-known service providers, but laundry inventory is almost always a problem. In this industry, it’s normal to have some turnover of employees. In the past, workwear would sometimes leave the company with the employees. Some team members may have also washed their uniforms at home, which of course is not allowed for hygiene reasons. It was almost impossible to prevent this from happening, as the workwear could not be clearly assigned to the appropriate employee in terms of organization. After about a year or so, the firm had to buy work clothes again – more than would be expected under normal and expected usage. This is a complex and unfortunately also an expensive issue.

Wäschemanagement mit UHF RFID Wäschetag

Jedes Kleidungsstück für das Pflegeteam von Caselato ist nun mit einem UHF RFID transponder, in conjunction with a smart clothing distribution and return cabinet, which can be assigned to the appropriate wearer in the laundry management system. Each employee must register with their own contactless ID card before removing their workwear in order to open the distribution cabinet and register exactly what is being removed. The used workwear recycling station is also equipped with a UHF reader that identifies which employee is currently using which garments? What is the current cleaning cycle? Which janitor last wore the torn clothing? Who is hoarding or even stealing work clothes? Are departing employees also returning everything? Which clothing is used more frequently? What quantities and combinations are really needed? All questions that the system can find answers to with its continuous real-time inventory. What about other industries?

According to a recent report by The Caterer, a UK hospitality trade journal and website. In the UK, Elis recently signed a contract with pub giant Mitchells & Butlers that covers the supply and processing of RFID, More than 375,000 items, including tables, linens, and chef’s whites/kitchen cloths, are shipped to its more than 800 sites with the ability to deliver new inventory within three weeks. Elis will operate the company through its 43 facilities nationwide using a fleet of more than 670 vehicles. All items are tracked via RFIDverfolgt, was Elis einen vollständigen Überblick über ihre Verwendung und ihren Standort verschafft und eine bessere Bestandskontrolle ermöglicht.

Jedes Kleidungsstück ist mit einem RFID Wäschetag ausgestattet. Mit Hilfe der Wäscherei RFID Software, die die Wäsche etikettiert und die Wäschedaten verwaltet, wird jedes Kleidungsstück beim Eingang erfasst und im RFID System protokolliert. In Kombination mit dem Lagerverwaltungsmodul und dem integrierten Bestellsystem ist ein vollständiger Überblick über alle Bereiche der Wäscherei möglich.

Gerade im Gastronomiebereich konnten wir durch das Einscannen des Warenein und ausgangs erhebliche Vorteile erzielen. Wir wissen jetzt, wo sich unsere Wäsche befindet. So können Lagerbestände und Kosten reduziert werden.

HUAYUAN HLT RFID Wäscheetiketten

HUAYUAN HLT RFID Wäsche Tag is a soft, thin, flexible but durable tag, with stable and consistent performance up to 7 meters read range, accompany with adherent assets, sustaining in harsh industrial laundry processes by 200 cycles for the lifespan of the textile asset. Stitched, pocketed, or heat sealed imperceptibly installation on textile, HLT serial laundry tag can fit almost all kinds of fabric Textilgut, und hat die SGS-Zertifizierung für den Heiz- und Biegetest bestanden.

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