How to Select The Right RFID Laundry Chip

Not all tags can withstand sterilization and/or high water pressure water extractors. Size of tags plays an important role by your choose, sewing tags into the seams of items is best, however tag size is critical if you plan to do so. Slightly larger, heat-sealable tags work very well in industrial uniforms and standard linens. But they are a lot less appealing for more high-end items such as uniforms for hotel staff. Some tags can be directly sewn onto items, but this certainly does not apply for all items, or all tags. If you wish to use pouches to attach tags to items, smaller tags are the way to go. Please ask permission if customer-owned items are being tagged, make sure you have approval. You might find that using two different tags is the correct choice. It may be necessary to choose a provider that can source several types of tags.

If you are focusing on the laundry industrial and hotel rental fields, you should first consider the environmental characteristics they can operate, temperature, washing times, washing temperature tolerance, in order to choose the best RFID system performance for your business.

If you are focusing on the textile, PPE, apparel and retail fields etc, you should find the right RFID tags that best suits your retail business. In addition to other variables (such as the physical environment in which the RFID system will be implemented), the size of the RFID tag, distance and read speed are three basic aspects to be evaluated.

HUAYUAN RFID Laundry Chip for Selection

  1. Button NFC Laundry Tag: Available for tracking military uniforms, PPE etc, it can be sewn onto clothes like buttons. Moreover, it can withstand 200 washing times.
  2. UHF Smart Linen Tag: Available for laundry rental, textile, PPE, apparel and retail, etc. This is the hottest sale tags on the market recently. RFID textile tags are small, thin, durable and soft. RFID linen tags with “waterproof”, “pressure”, “high temperature”, “alkali resistant lotion” and other characteristics, to ensure that it can be used in a variety of environmental conditions. Durable, can ensure washing (washing, drying) cycle of more than 200 times, can be ironed at 175°C for 15 seconds.
  3. Silicone UHF RFID Transponder: Available for hotel towel tracking, hospital linen & clothing, laundry and rental, PPE field, clothing retail and so on. It can withstand 200 washing times.
  4. UHF PET Washable RFID Tags: The washable RFID Tag can easily hidden into seam or inserted into a care label and is almost undetectable. Meanwhile, compare with other RFID laundry chip, this apparel washable UHF tag is only 0.55 mm thickness and transparent. Suitable for use in clothing, moreover, It can withstand 50 washing times.

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