HUAYUAN HLT RFID Laundry Tracking Tag Sample Pack

HUAYUAN HLT RFID laundry tag is a soft, thin, flexible but durable tag, by stable and consistent performance up to 7 meters read range sustaining in harsh industrial laundry processes 200 recycles. Stitched, pocketed or heat sealed imperceptibly, HLT- serial laundry tag can fit for most of fabric or textile asset, and had been passed SGS certificated of heating and bending test. HLT laundry tag had been applied in many brand linen industry products, laundry industry, heal care industry over 50 million tags especially in Europe, Japan, and the USA.

Key Features of HLT RFID Laundry Tag:

1, Stability in physical structure and e-performance after 200 times industrial laundry process.
2, Thin, Rigid UHF RFID transponder and stainless string fiber with special protection withstand high temperature and high pressure
3, Serial of size can meet most of requirements for laundry asset tracking, 70x15mm, 70x10mm, 55x12mm, 75x10mm, or customized with U8, U9, delivery with TID database together.
4, Millions of pieces HLT tag production, with sufficient RFID chips in stock for fast delivery.

The RFID Laundry Tracking Tag Sample Pack allows you to test and pick the perfect laundry tracking tag for your application. Meanwhile, the alternative of silicone laundry tag, over-molding laundry button tag, and 50 recycle easy laundry tag for your selection. We can customize any pack to meet your needs. Contact us for more information.


HLT-7015U8         U8 = With NXP UCODE 8 chip
HLT-7015U9         U9 = With NXP UCODE 9 chip
HLT-7010Q           Q = Wire type with circle
HLT-7015M          M = Square cube
HLT-7015 SE        SE = Stitch into textile
HLT-7015 HS        HS = Heat-sealed on textile (single layer structure)
HLT-7015 HSD     HSD = Heat-sealed on textile (double layer structure)
HLT-7015 X           X = EPC code laser-marked
HLT-7015 PO       PO = Plain white pouch

Why Choose HUAYUAN?

1, RFID industry history of 20+ years, experience in thousands of RFID projects.
2, Experience in industrial applications of RFID, understanding of IT system management.
3, More than 15 + experience in the European, American and Japanese markets.
4, Strict confidentiality system to protect the interests of customers.
5, Own development and design of a wide range of RFID products, the entire RFID industry know-how to various aspects of technology.
6, With strict product design and production management, to ensure the operation of the customer system.
7, The most reasonable cost, absolutely do not do the lowest price.
8, Years of tracking and testing of the fabric industry, designed for the most challenging laundry environment, not afraid of any challenge to the test.
9, A variety of linear, a variety of materials constantly tested, constantly tested; the formation of a full range of laundry products.
10, To different media, different areas of the frequency requirements, different high temperature and pressure and chemicals are prepared.
11, Constantly looking for new materials, new processes, constantly improve the equipment, improve the chip packaging process.
12, No complaints from any customers of batch products.
13, In the customer many test reports show that not worse than other similar products.
14, Product specifications have been a full range.
15, Sufficient supply of chips.

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