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Smart Linen Tags HLT-5512M HLT-7015M

Smart Linen Tag with Square Cube Module

HLT-5512M / HLT-7015M

  1. New Arrival Excellent UHF smart linen tags are encapsulated with square cube module.
  2. It is unsurpassed, flexible and thinner compared with the classic round module. It is unnoticeable, extremely comfortable and extraordinary no-wear feeling.
  3. Available in 4 kinds of installation methods: sewing and heat sealing and in pouch or hanging.


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Classic RFID Linen Tags HLT-5512 HLT-7015

RFID Linen Tag

HLT-5512 / HLT-7015

  1. Outstanding bulk-reading performance and endurance.
  2. Developed and tested in various laundry environments.
  3. Resistant to high temperatures, pressures and chemicals.
  4. Soft, flexible, thin for invisible, comfort and durability.


Silicone RFID Laundry Tags HST-5512

Silicone RFID Laundry TagĀ 


  1. Flexible and small in size, can be easily integrated into textiles such as blouses, towels and other textile materials.
  2. Ultra-robust can withstand more than 200 cycles of washing.
  3. Typically employed in industrial laundry operations, hotel towels, medical uniforms.


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Transparent RFID Washable Tag

Transparent RFID Washable Tag

HLP-4015L / HLP-4015S

  1. 50 recycle times in non-industrial washing environment.
  2. Cost-effective washing tracking solution.
  3. Great for high-value fashion apparel tracking.
  4. Safely household washed, dry-cleaned, ironed.
  5. Transparent and ultra-thin make it easy sewn, virtually invisible.


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Button RFID Laundry Tag

Button RFID Laundry Tag

HLB-P26 / HLB-P22 / HLB-P20

  1. Durable, waterproof, resistant to pressure and high temperature.
  2. Apply to heat resistant, high humidity, corrosion-resistant harsh environment.
  3. Twice injection molding technics.
  4. Simultaneous Identification of Tags.
  5. Exceptional temperature performance, oil, chemical solutions.


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UHF RFID Reader Spider 8000 for Textile ID


Spider 8000

  1. 8 port UHF Fixed Reader, Based on R2000 module, which is stable and mature.
  2. With highly integrated features for spider 8000 reader that make application and deployment easier.
  3. Mainly used in inventory management, assembly line management, staff management, library management, file management, apparel & retail, etc.


Fixed UHF RFID Reader for Inventory Management


S-8600 / S-8800

  1. Using Impinj Indy R2000 module chip.
  2. All industrial components.
  3. Dual CPU architecture design.
  4. ISO18000-6B/6C full compatible.
  5. Hardware crash monitoring.
  6. Excellent cooling design.

Datasheet S-8600

Datasheet S-8800

UHF RFID Hendheld Reader for Laundry Management

Handheld RFID Reader


  1. High-performance computing platform.
  2. Durable, waterproof, resistant to pressure and high temperature.
  3. Android 6.0 system with continuously updated optimized version.
  4. Top-class materials with CNC aluminum, nylon(Bayer) and 1.1mm thick tempered glass offer excellent strength + heat dissipation + electromagnetic shielding.
  5. Industrial and military-grade components ensure stability and endurance in harsh environments.
  6. High-end UHF RFID engine, Outstanding industrial design, Ultra-long operating time.


Near-field UHF Reader Pad for Textile Identification

Near Field UHF Reader Pad


  1. Built-in near-field antennas provide reliable tag reads within a very constricted read zone.
  2. Innovative filtering for unwanted stray reads.
  3. Small, dense tags can be readable absolutely anywhere on their surface.
  4. 100% reading of 300+ dense Mini RFID tags within 3 seconds at the distance of 0~25 cm.
  5. Modern desktop embedded design is very suitable for small intensive items inventory, settlement.
  6. Ideal for jewelry, cosmetics, library documents, laundry, retail, insect and other smaller form factor items.


RFID Reader Antenna for Laundry Management

RFID Reader Antenna

HY-D915C09D / HY-D915C12D

  1. High-performance UHF RFID reader, supports ISO18000-6C protocol, reading distance up to 1-20m.
  2. Fast recognition, excellent multi-tag reading, powerful anti-collision function.
  3. Different types: circular/linear polarization, narrow beam/near field antenna.
  4. Seamless compatibility with different brands of RFID readers.
  5. Engineering plastic housing, rugged construction, high protection level, suitable for various outdoor/harsh environments.
  6. Widely used in asset management, logistics, warehouse inventory, product tracking and transfer, vehicle management, production automation, etc.


Automatic Door UHF Cabinet

Automatic Door UHF Cabinet


  1. Simple and atmospheric appearance, large dimension can contain a variety of cage cart types and shelf trolley
  2. The roll-up door automatically opens and closes, fully shielded, with no risk of stray reads
  3. Reliable performance and accurate read rates for bulk readings, up to more than 800 items
  4. Support network port, SDK, expanded with WIFI, 4G and other communication methods
  5. Application for electric meter, laundry, garments and other products in-out stock in bulk inventory
  6. OEM, Custom logo printing is welcome


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