HUAYUAN RFID Textile Tags are Suitable for MRI Use

Using RFID textile tags for MRI scans in hospitals: all these factors must be taken into account to ensure optimal safety and performance.

The RFID transponder is widely used in hospital and healthcare facilities to trace and track any type of textile during washing cycles. RFID technology is embedded in patients’ gowns, linens and surgical textiles, helping to reduce losses, optimize logistics and ensure the highest standards of hygiene and sterilization.

MRI depends on strong static magnetic field, so it may cause harmful effects when any substance that contains metallic or conductive elements in an MRI scanner. Such effects range from excessive heating and displacement that may harm the patient to image artifacts (anomalies) that may impair the diagnosis. Since all RFID transponders contain conductive elements that fall into this potentially hazardous category, it is important to accurately test their MRI compatibility.

The MR conditional label assures that the device is suitable for MRI equipment in terms of patient safety and diagnostic integrity. This means that patients wearing textiles equipped with RFID compatible transponders can be safely scanned at 1.5 or 3 Tesla in the MR system. MR conditional label does not impose any restrictions on the size of the artefacts as this does not affect primary safety. However, the presence of artifacts can affect medical diagnosis, so it is important to reduce the artifacts caused by RFID transponders to a minimum size.

HUAYUAN UHF RFID laundry tag passes test over and over again to ensure its performance and consistency without any interference. RFID laundry tag is widely used in various fields of laundry management and similar application areas, such as hospitality, healthcare, clothing or costume rental and work clothes supply, as well as commercial laundries. HUAYUAN RFID textile tags can withstand after more than 200 press washing cycles with good performance and stable consistency.

We have developed and produced a serial of laundry products for various washable and durable RFID tags & devices for the transparency of E-laundry management. Please feel free to contact the HUAYUAN sales team if you are interested in our RFID textile tags.

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