The implementation of RFID technology makes it possible to optimize the identification and traceability of work clothes throughout the laundry process. Improve work efficiency, and monitor and control workwear inventory. HUAYAUN RFID uniform tracking tag can stand more than 200 cycles of wash, chemicals, high-pressure spin-drying, and laundry ironing. Available in 3 types: sewing, glue, and in the pouch, can meet any tag insertion need. RFID tags can be sewn into a hem or simply on the linens, or be permanently marked on the garment by gluing.

Discover our RFID LinenTags to start tracking your uniform, workwear, PPE.

Case Study:

Smart Linen Tag for Uniform Rental

RFID Laundry Tag for Workwear PPE RFID Uniform Tracking

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